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Our Focus

“People and Projects!”

Our Mission

“Provide quality products safely and on time for a fair price while building relationships with integrity and our business with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.”

Press Release

“FRP Plus™, the industry leader in composite materials, is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Peachland Design and Fabrication, a renowned design and fabrication company. This ground-breaking collaboration …Read More >

We are a family owned business. Our team holds family values in the highest regard and still believes in integrity, honor and the Biblical principles that guide us. As such, we treat our customers, suppliers and one another the way we wish to be treated. We are forthcoming and transparent in all of our relationships and if we say we’ll do it, we do it.

Our Team adheres and operates to stringent Safety and Quality Management Systems.

Our management team has many years of experience with heavy industrial and commercial construction budgeting, planning, design, detail, fabrication, and erection/installation in the power, chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

We consider ourselves a Job-Shop plus, with custom capabilities and field crews for installations and erections. Let us develop, design, fabricate, and even install the parts or pieces you need. Our 3D CAD design capabilities set us apart in this regard.

A large part of our company is dedicated to Structural and Miscellaneous steel. We have a team dedicated to structural and miscellaneous steel design, detail, fabrication and erection. And, as an exclusive distributor in NC, SC, and VA, for FRP Plus™ composite products including structural shapes, gratings, pipe, rails, and rail components, we can offer our customers an alternative to conventional structural steel in a broad array of applications.

We additionally offer custom designs from a thought or idea to a functioning piece of equipment or tool, and often work with our customers to develop ideas that improve existing equipment efficiencies in the manufacturing industry.

At Peachland, we maintain relationships with some of the largest and most highly technological fabrication and machine shops in the southeast and value over 50 year personal and business relationships with individuals across the heavy industrial and commercial arenas. We can get it done.

Peachland offers budgeting, planning, design, detail, fabrication and installation of all things metal including miscellaneous steel and structural steel including erection, along with all types of pipe, small to medium-sized piping skids and general facilities and equipment repairs.

We have welders qualified to many procedures in accordance with ASME and AWS standards.

We offer expertise with most metals and exotic alloys.

The Peachland team represents a forward thinking group of people that have a keen knack for innovation which makes us a perfect fit to take a concept and bring it to fruition upon start-up while applying many years of heavy industrial and commercial fabrication and erection experience and knowledge in practical application.

Finally, at Peachland, we recognize a shortage in the industry for qualified craftsman, so we take the time to train and mentor each employee and teach them the right way to safely plan and execute with quality in a timely manner that saves our customers through each project. It is our goal to do it right the first time.