FRP Plus ™ Products

FRP Plus™ fiber glass reinforced products benefit any project by increasing safety, reducing long-term maintenance costs, and are an ideal replacement for steel and wood. Made of a unique resin series, FRP Plus™ materials are non-corrosive, can withstand high and low temperatures, do not carry an electrical charge, and do not fade. Best of all, FRP Plus™ materials are an average of 70% lighter than their steel counterparts.

  • Longer Lasting – Our materials do not rust, fade, or warp from UV and weather exposure
  • Corrosion Resistant – Our materials are able to withstand highly corrosive environments without degradation of core properties
  • Lighter – Our materials are lighter which means immediate cost savings in Transport, Installation, and Structural Support
  • Non-Conductive – Our materials are ideal for use in electrical and outdoor applications
  • Fire Resistant – Our materials are compliant with ASTM E84 Class A Rating
  • No Maintenance – Our materials are ideal for remote locations where regular access is difficult

Hand Rail Fixtures

Stair Tread Cover and Nosing

Molded Plate