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Our team offers quality, expert knowledge and faithful service. We know it is difficult to find all three so we work hard to build upon these core assets.

At Peachland, quality comes second to one thing, safety. Our team takes pride in every project, we want it to exceed expectations in both categories.

One asset that sets Peachland apart is our knowledge. Through the years we have continually humbled ourselves to learn the right ways true craftsman plan and execute work. We’ve acquired much of this knowledge through hands-on experience and operating with the notion, there’s a right way to do everything. Our management team has been fortunate to learn and train at many highly critical power facilities around the country including institutions like Purdue University and we pass along what we learn with each employee.  Our experience in heavy industrial and commercial planning, design, fabrication and construction of critical systems sets us apart.

Additionally, professional knowledge and expertise takes time. We’re proud our VP of Operations, VP of Sales and Director of Business Development have over 120 years combined experience. We’ve learned to identify best plans, practices and materials to meet our client needs effectively and within budget consistently!

Peachland has a wealth of experience in a wide-range of design, fabrication and erection applications.

Finally, faithful service is something we take tremendous pride in. When we forge a new relationship, we operate with unswerving adherence to our commitments and stand behind everything we do. Our business is rooted in long-lasting faithful relationships.